Culture Change

Culture Shaping and Transformation

Culture is the engine behind value creation. Building a strong and effective culture is the single most important asset a leader can garner within a company. A distinctive, well-aligned culture is the only truly unique and sustainable competitive advantage a business can offer. A robust culture is extremely difficult to duplicate or even imitate. It is also a powerful means of promoting internal change and expediting execution. Leadership priorities will only be realized to the extent that the culture allows and facilitates those priorities to come about. It really is that simple.

Culture is a first cause, and can ultimately be shaped by effective guidance. All organizational cultures change slowly over time but when business strategy or external circumstance shift quickly, a more deliberate, focus on culture change may be necessary to survive. Culture change begins with a set of core values that Dawson Consulting Group helps translate to observable competencies, metrics, rewards and other new organizational practices. At the end of the day culture change is always about the role-modeling of the leadership team but this natural change process can be greatly accelerated through focused application of strategic human resource practices and an explicit culture roadmap that defines and measures milestone changes in the culture.

Change Management

There may not be a more overused and misunderstood label in the consulting field so broadly defined by some as to be meaningless and so narrowly defined by others as to be useless. Change management is, in fact, three very distinct services:

  1. An overall enterprise architecture that defines the change and lays out a roadmap to move from point A to point B,
  2. A set of tools, methods and processes used by change leaders to facilitate the change, and
  3. A dynamic implementation process that includes, communication, training and survey methodology.
Change management is a capability that every dynamic organization needs. Though some organizations have developed this capability out of the necessary learning that occurs over multiple changes, most organizations handle change very poorly. Dawson Consulting Group has developed a methodology and related tools for executive leadership teams to significantly accelerate change, and avoid unnecessary drag.

Decision Accelerator

The Decision Accelerator is an organization effectiveness service that reduces the risk of poor execution by increasing the speed, quality, and durability of business decisions. It is for business leaders who need to quickly close on complex, cross-organization issues that have a significant impact on business success. Unlike time-consuming approaches in which teams attempt to "walk-around" complex decisions, the Decision Accelerator brings together the critical participants to work concurrently to a swift conclusion. Rather than relying on team members to organize and facilitate these meetings, the Decision Accelerator allows you to focus on your team s work while professional facilitators work with you to define an effective process and facilitate it to closure.

HR Transformation

Human Resources is in transition and is unlikely to continue in the form that we have come to know it over the past 25 years. To complete the transition that is already in motion, HR needs to outsource and automate the transactional capabilities, while transforming itself into the truly strategic business partner that it deserves to be. To accomplish that will require a defining leadership role at the CEO table around culture shaping, people strategies, organizational structure and building the unique capabilities required to execute the strategy. Culture and People are the final remaining competitive differentiator: HR executives should be leading that charge in every company irrespective of size or industry, across the world. This Chief Capabilities Officer function is the legitimate birthright of Human Resources, given the existing expertise, but is largely unfulfilled in most companies today. Dawson Consulting Group has a suite of HR Transformation methods and tools that address both organizational design and process issues, but more importantly focus on executive development of strategic HR executives who can lead this transformation instead of being pushed aside by it.

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