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Executive Leadership Assessment & Coaching

Executing on strategy in a dynamic environment requires skillful leadership. Only skillful leadership will create the culture and conditions for impeccable execution of your strategy. Leadership development is an umbrella label for what is really a suite of related talent management services that Dawson Consulting Group has been refining for over 20 years. This "leadership suite" includes proven and powerful methods to ensure reliable, yet highly customized and personal, approaches that are suitable for senior executives:

  • Executive Selection of the best talent with the best fit for the position & culture
  • Assimilation of new executives into your culture
  • Development of senior managers through their careers as they become executive leaders
  • Succession and Career

High Performance Team Development

As above, so below. The executive team is a microcosm for all the dynamics in the organization - indeed it is the prime mover the DNA of the organization's culture. Optimize the executive team, and you are more than half-way to optimizing the entire organization. The actions of the executive leadership team, over time, become the organizational culture. How this team solves problems, takes risks, rewards, collaborates, makes decisions, and communicates will be modeled throughout the organization.

Creating a strong team is a necessary task for every leader. Without the support of a team very little will be accomplished. Not all teams need be truly high performance , but an executive team needs to work productively together. The rule, more than the exception, is that executive leadership teams are fragmented 'tribes'. Rarely do they have the two essential ingredients of a high performance team: trust and shared objectives. When a team achieves these two things - no easy feat - a multitude of benefits will follow. A team without these two ingredients may crawl, but it will never run.

Dawson Consulting Group has a suite of tools and methods to optimize and then leverage the power of the executive team including: our research-based High Performance Team Assessment Tool, as well as a portfolio of unique methods for clarification of roles and optimization of interpersonal team dynamics that have been refined over 20 years and dozens of clients.

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Executive Leadership Assessment & Coaching
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