Strategy Management

Strategy has a variety of meanings often within the same company not to mention across companies and industries. For too many it means a ponderous analytic task requiring months of financial number crunching to arrive at what everyone knew to begin with anyway. For other firms it means taking a long look at the competitive landscape, or an introspective look at values and aspirational vision. Based on our research with scores of companies of all sizes and industries, only one truly consistent result emerges: Strategy does not very often result in a short list of key actions that mobilize and give direction to the organization whatever tortured pathways they have traveled to produce the strategy for the company. Dawson Consulting Group defines strategy as: A coherent set of leadership decisions that are effectively communicated. Despite the myriad ways to get there, there must be three key components: (1) Foundation and Direction, (2) Key Initiatives and Metrics, (3) Involvement and Implementation. Dawson Consulting Group's value-add is to help our clients organize what they already know but may not have articulated with sufficient clarity to mobilize focused action.

Strategy Implementation

Though Dawson Consulting Group takes a highly eclectic and practical approach to strategy design and execution, there is little question but that the Balanced Scorecard methodology is the dominant paradigm of the current era with good reason, and when taken with a grain of salt. Kaplan & Norton are famous for the quip Strategy is 10% idea and 90% execution It s true there are many more directional maps than there are successful implementations. Many strategies can work even for the same company and certainly for different companies within the same competitive space: only one strategy can be effectively implemented. Dawson Consulting Group has a powerful set of execution and implementation tools aimed at rapidly bypassing all the most common obstacles of effective strategy implementation: lack of focus, cross-functional coordination, dashboard metrics, and poor engagement of those who must conduct the strategy day-to-day.

Organizational Design

Organizational structure is a primary vehicle for execution of your strategy and it is critical that strategy and structure be aligned. Creating the optimal structure is a complex mix of strategic design, people issues and implementation variables. Designing the organization is the easy and fun part. Translating that architectural blueprint into real efficiencies and improvements is actually the rarer event. Dawson Consulting Group has a suite of organizational design and implementation tools and methods, honed over years of strategy-structure alignment work, in a wide variety of company sizes and industries.

Strategy Library